Polish castles, palaces and mansions

the Royal Wawel Castle in Krakow belongs to the most famous Polish castles

Poland is a country of thousands of hitorical sites,

Hereunder, you will find presentation of the Polish castles, palaces and mansions.

the Pieskowa Skala castle

the Reneissance castle of the Pieskowa Skala in the Polish Jura

The Pieskowa Skala Castle was built by King Casimir the Great for defense purposes. The castle was part of the castle fortresses called the Eagles’ Nests. The gothic castle was then rebuilt in the Renaissance. This castle is located within the valley of the river Pradnik and the Ojcowski National Park not so far from Krakow. 

the old castle in the Polish Jura called the Pieskowa Skala castle has now the renaissance architecture
the aim of constructing the castle of Pieskowa Skala near to Krakow was protection of the bargain routes from the Little Poland to the Silesia

the Książ Castle

the Castle of Ksiaz (Zamek Książ) founded in the 13th century is one of the biggest castles in Poland

Książ Castle in Wałbrzych, whose history dates back to the end of the 13th century, with mentions of the first ruler in the person of Prince Bolko I. The castle was then handed over to his son – Bernard Świdnicki. The subsequent fate of the castle was, among others, the transition to the possession of the Czech king Wenceslaus IV of Luxembourg. In the following centuries, until the Second World War, the castle belonged to the von Hochberg family. Many interesting reconstructions and changes were introduced by the times when the mistress of the castle was the English Duchess von Pless – that is Maria Teresa Olivia Cornwallis-West, also known as Duchess Daisy

the Castle of Ksiaz near to the city of Walbrzych in the Polish Lower Silesia region
impressive interior decoration of the Castle of Ksiaz at south-west Poland
picturesque fresco on one of the ceilings of the Ksiaz Castle
monumental Ksiaz Castle at the Polish city of Walbrzych

the Losiow Palace in Narol, the Podkarpackie region

the baroque palace of the Los family from the 18th century

The palace of the Los family in Narol was built by the count Antoni Feliks Łos in the years 1776-1781. Then it was surrounded by a layout IN THE TYPE ENTRE COUR ET JARDIN. The French-style terraced garden was designed and established by German gardener Norbert Hammerschmidt. The palace is a Baroque-style building, on the plan of a horseshoe – the coat-of-arms sign of the Los family. The main building is rectangular, connected by an arcade with two one-story side pavilions. The front facade of the palace bears the coat of arms of the Łos family. In the central part of the palace there are vestibule (anteroom) and a ballroom.

The park of the French style at the Losiow Palace while the tour from Krakow to the region of Roztocze
The walls of the baroque Palace of the Los family at Narol

The Royal Castle of Niepolomice near to Krakow

the renaissance royal castle in Niepolomice in south of Poland during the Polish castles tour

The Royal Castle in a town of Niepolomice.

the ruins of the Castle Tenczyn in Rudno near to Krakow

the Tenczyn Castle in a village of Rudno was added to the royal network of fortresses in the 14th century
the ruins of the Eagle's Nests castle - Tenczyn in Rudno on the Czestochowa-Krakow Upland
ruins of the Tenczyn castle during a weekend tour of the Malopolska region
the castle in Rudno from the Middle Ages while the reign of the King Casimir the Great
the ruins of the castle of Tenczyn while tour of the Polish Jura

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the Palace of Minoga in the Polish Jura near to the Ojcowski National Park

the palace and park set of Minoga near to Krakow

castle of Baranow Sandomierski

the renaissance castle set up at the end of the 16th century on the right side of the Vistula river
the castle reconreconstructed into the renaissance style by the noble family of the Leszczynscy - the Baranow castle resembles in its architecture the castle of Wawel in Krakow
sala tortur na zamku w Baranowie Sandomierskim podczas wycieczki do Sandomierza

castle of Nowy Wisnicz

one of the biggest castles in the Polish region of Malopolska built in the14th century
reneissance cloisters of the Nowy Wisnicz castle resembles the ones from the Wawel Castle
the impressive interior decoration of the Nowy Wisnicz castle founded by the noble family of the Lubomirski
The Nowy Wisnicz Castle is a tourist attraction of the Bochenska Land in the Little Poland